Pisces Single Horoscope

Pisces Today's Horoscope

If you don't love children or little dogs, don't say you do. Frankness is totally important right now. The other person has too much at stake for games, so if you're not into it, be honest. Leading someone on will only waste everyone's time and create hurt feelings.

Pisces Tomorrow's Horoscope

Get creative with your dating search. Sign up for a few online matchmaking services and make your profile sizzle. Show yourself in the best light, but be sure to be honest. Nothing takes the romance out of a possible connection faster than lying about your looks, job or hobbies.

Lucky Numbers

52, 49, 27, 52, 12, 94

Daily Ratings

Love 53%
Sex 73%
Relationship 51%
Career 89%
Wellness 57%
Money 62%

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